Business Opportunity in Japan



We are nextEDGE Technology located in Tokyo, Japan . We are starting a download business which is very unique and would like to have your software available to download in Japan. As you know, Japan is one of the largest IT market and we are interested in carrying foreign titles and promoting good quality software via our shareEDGE download site ( nextEDGE Technology will help foreign software vendors to localize their products and promote/market our vendors product by utilizing our experiences and understanding of Japanese market.

First, we would like to have your software available to download from our shareEDGE service. Second, if there's any Japanese localization that needs to be done, we can assist you with that. We highly recommend your software being localized to Japanese to attract more users and to be successful in Japan.

Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding to our download site, our company and our services. We can discuss more in details with regarding to our schedule and roadmaps and also our localization services later but I hope you are excited as we are here at nextEDGE Technology. We believe that this is a huge opportunity for both us to reach an audience and users that was never possible.

We haven been providing localization service to softwere vendors. Now we are also providing globalization service using shareEDGE. Our shareEDGE is the best solution to globalize the productibity

I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon to discuss about this great opportunity in Japan market.

Best Regards,

nextEDGE Technology, K.K
Taisuke Sakamoto

Out mission

To establish new model of shareware business in Japan by introducing foreign software product conjunction with engineering service of nextEDGE Technology's software i18n service.

About shareEDGE

‘shareEDGE ' is a project to introduce superior shareware software, to host shareware product and developer that are not available in Japan and other Asian countries. ‘ shareEDGE ' project is managed and controlled by nextEDGE Technology. Visit for more information about nextEDGE Technology.

With shareEDGE, the software are selected from midst of the software in the world where it has been already received high reviews. As for the shareware, which is introduced by shareEDGE, technical evaluation, quality evaluations are conducted in Japanese environment and the evaluation of originality of the design with regarding operability are done for products of all shareEDGE qualified and tested software. In addition, by the cooperation with the developer and shareEDGE, the best trusted environment is maintained for user and members of shareEDGE. Many of the software that is introduced in shareEDGE were developed in United States , and actual UI and the documentation are still in English. Even if the product is providing in English, shareEDGE provides translated product information for user in Asia to help user to understand the product and operation.

shareEDGE download site is focus on Japanese market. It is not expected to sale software to customer living in out of Japan.

Business Opportunities - In addition to product promotion via shareEDGE Web site and its affiliate download sites in Japan, shareEDGE promotes your product to several opportunities as follows:

OEM - For the hardware related product, we promotes the product to Japanese hardware vendor for OEM opportunities.

Corporate volume license - Registered product information will be shared by nextEDGE Technology's sales/marketing partners, and it will used to discuss about opssibility for sales in Japanese Corporate volume sales.

User feedback - With shareEDGE, it manages the feedback from the users with regarding to the product. Feedbacks are contributed voluntarily or by joining (gratuitousness) shareEDGE member ship .

Product support - With shareEDGE, we will accept questions and request from users with regarding to the product. shareEDGE will share any requests from customers with the developers to help them improve their products that are marketed in Asia . The shareEDGE user will also have information with regarding to software support and information about the origin of the product.

User request - shareEDGE, will correspond to requests with regarding the product from the user as much as possible. To receive this service, the users have to join shareEDGE membership program. With shareEDGE, we encourage users to share information with the product their using or have purchased. ShareEDGE will also accept user requests for new software that are not available in Asia.

Software developer and vendor support– shareEDGE also provide hosting service for developer and vendor which develop superior software. For non-localized software product, nextEDGE will provide appropriate localization service to the developer and the vendor. Then developer and vendor will be able to obtain knowledge and process to expand business in Japan and other Asian market. In addition, nextEDGE will offer technology and consultation services to help local/small software developers and vendors to be successful in Japan.

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